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Hipster Boys

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Mid-Calf · Turquoise
Regular price €6.45
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Hipster Boys


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If you really want to join the Hipster wave that nowadays seem to be carrying everyone away at its path, first you need to check that you've got everything you need to fully commit to the cause: facial hair, a long beard will instantly make you enter the club, but old-fashioned moustaches or shorter beards are highly appreciated as well; sunglasses: regardless of the season or if it's sunny or not, you need to own a nice pair of goggles that can make you instantly cooler than everyone else everywhere you go; hat: things covering your head in general such as hats, caps or similar regardless of the time of the year will enable you to lengthen your Hipster style even if you are getting old and bald. But if you really want to show everyone what a true Hipster you are, let your feet speak for you with these funky socks! Get a pair of these cool socks and your Hipster outfit will be complete!
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  • Wash with cold water to maintain size and shape. 
  • Do not bleach to preserve colors.
  • Wash inside out.
  • Avoid tumble drying.
  • Do not iron.
  • Do not rip the label off as this will damage your socks.  Remove it by gently pulling out the thread using your fingers.
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78% Combed Cotton, 20% Polyamide, 2% Elastane
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