Staying Local to Go Global

We’re thrilled to debut our first warehouse of our very own! Why are we so excited? Simply put, it’s ours. And that means we can keep tabs on everything from start to finish, improving customer experience in the process. That last bit, making things smoother for you, was our motivation. Right here in Madrid, our new hub ships to over 50 countries around the world, pumping out up to 10,000 orders a day! 

So here’s your peek behind the scenes of the Jimmy Lion sock world. 

In Numbers

  • Warehouse Area: 2,000 m²

  • Socks in Stock: 500,000 pairs

  • Storage Capacity: Up to 5,000,000 pairs

  • Daily Shipping Capacity: Up to 10,000 pairs

  • Number of JL Countries Shipped to: 50+ and counting

More storage means we won’t run out of stock which means fewer delays which means you get your socks faster!

The Setup

Our new distribution center is divided into three zones for maximum efficiency: an automated area to receive orders, a sorting zone and space to store up to 5,000,000 pairs of socks!

We asked Bego, Warehouse Manager extraordinaire, to walk us through it. 

First, your order is received and processed by our automated system. 

Then, we “pick” from over 300 of our designs and prep your order. 

Finally, it's bye bye, warehouse! Packed with love, your order is on the move (and out and into the world to you – or a store near you!).

Now it’s time to get to know Bego, the fantastic human behind the logistical madness.

Don’t think, just answer!

Coffee or tea?

B: Coffee.

Beach or mountains? 

B: Beach.

Concert or play? 

B: Play.

Netflix or HBO? 

B: Both! 

Which are your favorite JL socks? 

B: The giraffes!

Thanks socks much for reading!

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