Where’s Wally? or Where’s… Walter?

"A Wally by any other name would be as fun.” – Shakespeare, probably

Did you know that everyone’s favorite puzzle book character’s name changes around the world?

Originally dubbed Wally by British creator and illustrator, Martin Handford, his moniker changed when he hopped over the pond to North America. Wally became Waldo. Why? Pretty simple really: Publishers around the world decided to give “Wally” a name that local readers would be familiar with, hence the minor tweak.

The more popular he became, the more names he got under his belt. 

So, think you’re up for it? Do you think you could match the name to the country? 


1. Charlie

a) France        b) Italy        c) US & Canada

2. Walter

a) Denmark   b) Germany   c) US & Canada

3. Waldo

a) Finland        b) Italy        c) US & Canada

4. Holger

a) Denmark        b) France        c) Germany

5. Vallu

a) Iceland        b) Greenland       c) Finland

Answers: a) France; b) Germany; b) US & Canada; a) Denmark; c) Finland

How’d you do? Were you able to match the “Wally” to his country? Wherever he goes, whatever he’s called, he always brings laughs and good times. And now… great style! Check out our most playful collaboration yet to take [insert name here] with you wherever you go!

Thanks socks much for reading!

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